About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a talk-centered relationship that can promote personal growth, change, and healing. It focuses on the connections among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Psychotherapy can help people lead fuller, richer lives, deal with challenging situations, improve relationships, and strengthen their sense of self.

Some people struggle with mood problems, anxiety, self-defeating behaviors, and relationship difficulties in their everyday lives. Through psychotherapy, individuals learn coping skills to manage moods and fears, understand emotional triggers, improve communications, alleviate despair, and find greater meaning in their lives.

Other people function well and find joy in their lives under ordinary circumstances but become vulnerable to emotional distress when facing life transitions or unusual stress. Troubling events like illness, aging, death, job loss, family problems, romantic disappointments, or financial woes can cause enormous pain and disorientation. Even desired experiences or achievements, such as falling in love, starting college or grad school, getting married, having children, or getting a better job, can feel surprisingly troubling at times. Therapy can provide insight into how and why people might feel confused or unhinged by life’s transitions, and can help people regain their emotional equilibrium.

I use an integrative psychotherapeutic approach, incorporating psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, and family systems therapy. The relationship between the therapist and client is the key to successful therapy; I work to nurture that relationship, bringing warmth, humor, and curiosity about people’s lives. Together we collaboratively set goals, and I adapt my methods to the client’s needs. With some people, a slower pace and an emphasis on safety and trust is a prime concern. Others prefer problem-solving specific issues quickly. Still others are eager for in-depth, insight-oriented therapy that might explore family dynamics, unconscious feelings, and personality change. Whatever the pace and focus, I work to help clients find ways to improve their lives.